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The beer tradition in Litovel

Beer has been brewed in Litovel for over seven hundred years. The Litovel brewery takes the best knowledge from history and still produces its beers using traditional processes today.

The more than 725-year-old beer tradition in Litovel dates back to 1291, when King Wenceslas II granted the city the mile right. This privilege allowed only the Litovel burghers to brew and tap beer within a radius of one medieval mile, i.e. in a vicinity of approximately seven kilometres. In the Middle Ages, beer was brewed in a brewing house, which was then located at Litovel 57. Those with brewing rights were among the most affluent people, and played a significant role in managing the city. Even contemporary Litovel beer is brewed using classic processes, the roots of which date back to this glorious historical era.

Our brewers

These brewers linked their professional lives to the fate of the Litovel brewery. Without them, Litovel beer would not taste as great as it does today.

Personalities of the Litovel Brewery

Meet the important personalities who were at the birth of Litovel beer.