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Petr Kostelecký

The current brewer of the Litovel Brewery

Long-term success is always the result of multiple factors. There are three main elements that make a unique beer brew at the Litovel brewery: quality regional ingredients, adherence to the classic technological manufacture process, and a team of experienced and enthusiastic brewers. Our brewers have been taking care of the quality and flavour of Litovel beer for decades, and are renowned experts in their field. Under their supervision, the best beer is produced from high-quality local ingredients, prepared using traditional methods.

The current brewer of the Litovel Brewery comes from Boskovice. He graduated from the University of Chemistry and Technology and has been working in the brewing industry since 1990. He joined the Litovel Brewery in 1994. He has connected to it not only his career, but – as well as his predecessor – his fate. He is the Litovel brewery’s tenth brewer since its founding. He continues the modernization process and was also behind the founding of the Litovel microbrewery. He ensures that Litovel's beer is still brewed using traditional processes, and under his leadership the brewery has also introduced the production of mixed fruit-flavoured drinks. He is a taster at major competitions all over the Czech Republic, and also works in expert committees which deal with beer quality. Just like Miroslav Koutek, he loves football.