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Josef Svozil


We brew our Litovel beer in the spirit of tradition, using classic processes and the highest quality ingredients. The past binds us to this because the Litovel Brewery has been built by enthusiastic people who have endeavoured to offer great beer, bearing traces of the region in which it is born. These prominent personalities were involved in the fate of the unique golden brew from Haná and are an inseparable part of its history.

The founder of the brewery in Litovel came from farmhouse number 10 from nearby Senička village, where he worked for many years. He became an expert in hop cultivation and, among others, introduced electrical wiring in our lands. As an imperial and provincial deputy for central Moravia, he significantly assisted the consecration and opening of the Agrarian Stock Brewery and Malt House in Litovel on 12 November 1893, the first purely Czech patriotic brewery in the region.