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Litovel Václav

Light unfiltered lager brewed in honour of the patron of all brewers, St. Wenceslas.

Litovel Václav
Beer type Unfiltered light lager
Fermentation Bottom
Alcohol 5,5 % ABV.
Appearance and fragrance Unfiltered beer of golden honey to amber colour.
Flavour With very light caramel tones. Unique flavour, harmonious bitterness, slight cloudiness and good bite as it should have.
Bottle 20/8 x 0,5 l
KEG 30 L

Litovel Václav is served chilled at 6 to 7°C.

We recommend to serve it in classic ear-handle beer mugs.

Great for classic Czech cuisine: roast duck, beef sirloin, or schnitzel with potato salad.

188 kJ 45 kcal

Energy value (100 ml)