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Litovel Premium Dark

Litovel black lager is intended mainly for export purposes to German-speaking countries.

Litovel Premium Dark
Beer type Dark lager
Fermentation Bottom
Alcohol 4,8 % ABV
Appearance and fragrance Caramel-coloured lager with rich foam and an aroma of coffee, caramel and hops.
Flavour Behind the pleasant, natural bite, a balanced, mild caramel flavour develops, derived from roasted caramel and Bavarian malt. In this beer, you will also find a fine hop bitterness with a coffee finish.
Bottle 20 x 0,5 l
KEG 50 L
KEG 30 L

In a standard beer mug or in a 0.5 l or 0.3 l beer glass.

The sweeter tones of Litovel Dark caramel will accentuate the sensual flavour of pancakes with chocolate.

179 kJ 43 kcal

Energy value (100 ml)