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Litovel Josef

Litovel Josef 13% is unfiltered light special, cooked in honour of the founder of the brewery, Josef Svozil.

Litovel Josef
Beer type Light special
Fermentation Bottom
Alcohol 6 % ABV
Appearance and fragrance An unfiltered light special, that combines a rich full flavour with the exceptional bitter tones of the quadruple-hopping brewing process – in the brewhouse, and during the final hopping in the lager cellar. Carefully selected varieties of domestic aromatic hops were used.
Flavour Rich full flavour with exceptional bitter tones.
KEG 50 L
KEG 30 L

We recommend serving it in the Brewer's Special jug.

It is suitable for more flavourful dishes such as goulash.


We first brewed this beer in 2018.