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Litovel Josef 11,5%

The light and bitter Litovel Josef 11.5% lager is brewed in honour of Josef Svozil, the founder of the Litovel brewery. It is brewed using traditional methods with a double dose of hops finish, bestowing this lager with a distinctly savoury bitterness. It is ready  on tap at selected establishments for you to taste it.

Litovel Josef 11,5%
Beer type light lager
Fermentation bottom
Alcohol 4.7% vol.
Energy value (100 ml) 170Kj/41Kcal
Appearance and fragrance Golden lager with the aroma of freshly picked hops.
Flavour Beer with a bold yet polished bitterness with a double dose of hops finish.
KEG 50 L
KEG 30 L
KEG 15 L

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We brewed this beer for the first time in 2022