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Litovel Sváteční speciál 13°

Litovel Sváteční speciál 13°
Beer type Light special
Fermentation Bottom
Alcohol 6,0 % ABV.
Appearance and fragrance A beer characterized by its golden colour, hop aroma, thick white foam, pleasant distinctive bitterness and harmonious full flavour. Cooked according to the original recipe to 13% degree exclusively using traditional processes involving Moravian malt and Czech hops. It matures in lager cellars for more than 100 days.
Flavour Very mature harmonious full flavour with a typical bitterness. It combines Moravian malt with Czech hops.
Bottle 8 x 0,5 l
KEG 50 L
KEG 30 L
KEG 15 L

Litovel Sváteční speciál 13° is served chilled at 6 to 8°C.

It is suitable for grilled beef, pork and chicken specialities, as well as grilled vegetables.


We brewed this beer for the first time in 2004, to mark the 111th anniversary of the Litovel brewery.

199 kJ 48 kcal

Energy value (100 ml)