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Litovel Free

A refreshing, non-alcoholic beer that quenches your thirst, brewed using traditional technology and made from the same ingredients as other Litovel beers. 

Litovel Free
Beer type Non-alcoholic light beer
Fermentation Bottom
Alcohol max. 0,5 % ABV.
Appearance and fragrance Light non-alcoholic beer with the golden colour of ripe cobs, rich foam, and an aroma of fresh hops.
Flavour A beer with distinctive natural bitterness and a full malt-hop flavour.
Bottle 20 x 0,5 l
KEG 50 L
KEG 30 L

In a standard beer mug or in a 0.5 l or 0.3 l beer glass.

81 kJ 19 kcal

Energy value (100 ml)