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We won two precious medals for Litovel Classic and Litovel Premium Dark at the most prestigious tasting competition - Czech Beer. Breweries from all over the Czech Republic regularly participate in the tasting event, which took place for the nineteenth time this year.

25. 10. 2019

Litovel Classic, a golden-coloured beer with pleasant bitterness and medium fullness, won bronze in the light draft beer category. We regularly participate in the Czech Beer competition, and we are pleased that this year we once again succeeded among strong competition and won two bronze medals.

Litovel Premium Dark lager received the second bronze medal. It is a caramel-coloured beer with a rich foam. It stands out by an aroma of coffee and caramel, thanks to the roasted caramel and Bavarian malts used during the brewing process. Litovel Premium Dark followed on from its recent success, where it mastered its category at the World Beer Awards 2019 international competition in London and became its absolute winner. Now it can boast the title of "the best dark lager in the world".

The Czech Beer tasting competition is announced by the Czech Beer and Malt Association every year. The Research Institute of Brewing and Malting, a professional guarantor, ensures that the survey is objective. Only domestic breweries with an annual output of at least five thousand hectolitres can submit their products for evaluation in five categories (pale lagers, 11% pale lagers, pale draft beers, and dark and non-alcoholic beers). Their sensory properties are evaluated in two rounds by Czech brewers and other experts.