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ZUBR, Holba and Litovel beers were once again successful at tasting competitions at home and abroad

On Wednesday evening, the results of two prestigious tasting competitions were announced - international competition European Beer Star in Munich, and České pivo 2022 in Prague. ZUBR, Holba and Litovel beers won a total of 5 medals in both competitions. This successful performance was underlined by three more podium finishes. The most successful beer was ZUBR Gradus lager, which won in its category in Germany and received a silver medal in the Czech beer competition.

The ZUBR, Holba and Litovel breweries are part of the Pivovary CZ Group, and they regularly finish in top positions in foreign tasting competitions. These breweries confirmed the quality of their beer this year too. 

The expert jury at international competition European Beer Star in Munich was impressed by the unique properties of the ZUBR Gradus lager, which was declared the winner of the prestigious Bohemian Style Pilsner lager category. Litovel Premium came second in the same category. 

The ZUBR brewery has been brewing beer for 24 years under the direction of brewer Nataša Rousková. 'We are rightfully proud of our brewery's repeated awards. This confirms the long-term high quality of our beer, as well as the fact that it would not be possible without following classic production procedures, using select ingredients and the people who brew the beer with love and maximum care. This is the only way to create drinkable beer with the right texture and flavour,' says Nataša Rousková, commenting on the awarded medals. 

In the České pivo competition, ZUBR Gradus came 2nd in the lager category, thus multiplying its success in Munich.  Mixed drinks made from non-alcoholic beer with exotic citrus flavours, Litovel Pomelo and Litovel Řezaný citron, also took 2nd and 3rd place in this competition. Litovel Pomelo is a long-term medal winner in the category of mixed low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beers. 

Holba Horská 10, ZUBR Grand and this year's new product in the category of non-alcoholic beers, Holba Nealko, also finished in the top three places in the premiere announcement of the final six from Prague.

'We are proud that our beers are appreciated by both regular consumers and experts. Our repeated success at prestigious competitions in the Czech Republic and around the world prove that the exceptional success of our beers is due to a combination of our careful process, which begins with the selection of quality local ingredients, honest beer brewing and the skill of the Litovel brewers,' adds Petr Kostelecký, brewer at the Litovel brewery.

We want to continue to brew the best Czech beer, and each award is a great satisfaction, providing motivation to continue in our honest brewing craft. Our beers have been regularly awarded, which ranks them among the most successful in the country,' says Tomáš Pluháček, production and technical director of Pivovary CZ Group.

České pivo competition 

The traditional prestigious competition České pivo was held for the twenty-first time this year. It is organized by the Czech Association of Breweries and Malthouses in cooperation with the Research Institute of Brewing and Malting. This year, a total of 101 beer samples from 27 breweries competed in six categories: light lagers, 11% light lagers, light draft beers, dark beers, non-alcoholic unflavoured beers and non-alcoholic flavoured beers.

European Beer Star

The internationally recognized European Beer Star tasting competition is one of the most prestigious in the world, awarding the best beers from around the world.  The competition has been held by the Association of Private Breweries since 2004, and only three medals are awarded in each category. The competition is open to the whole world, and all local, regional, national and international breweries can compete, regardless of which country or continent they come from. However, only breweries that use traditional brewing methods and high craftsmanship can compete. Most awarded beers are from Europe.