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The quality of our beer

Our beer is brewed using the traditional manufacture process from the highest quality domestic ingredients, from hops and malt to water from the Litovelské Pomoraví protected landscape area.


Nowadays, you will find beer brewed using the classic manufacture process only in some Czech breweries. This is how the beer here continues the best brewer traditions, passed down from generation to generation. Classically produced Czech beer must go through a specific process of brewing, main fermentation and long cold maturing. It must not be diluted with water, coloured or saturated with carbon dioxide at the end. It is precisely this process, together with quality raw materials, that has made Czech beer world-famous.

Litovel beer is brewed only from the highest-quality domestic ingredients. The barley for our malt is grown in the fertile fields of the Haná region, the hops come from the renowned Tršice and Žatec regions, and of course there is the excellent local water.

“Litovel beer will always be produced classically and honestly. We’ve always pursued this path, and we’ll never deviate from it,” said Miroslav Koutek, the Brewer Emeritus of the Litovel brewery.

We have been brewing our beer to a predetermined degree since the beginning.  The hot boiled wort is pumped from the brewhouse into a whirl vat. Here the condensed sludge is removed from it, and about half an hour later, the clear wort is cooled to a fermentation temperature of five to seven degrees Celsius. After cooling, brewer's yeast is added to the wort. The fermented wort is pumped into open fermentation vats in a fermentation room where the main fermentation begins. The main fermentation process takes place for longer periods (7–10 days) at lower temperatures (10°C). The natural bottom fermentation at lower temperatures in the open fermenting chamber is the stage where the brewer's yeasts work intensively and naturally. After this main fermentation, the young beer is fermented and matured in lager cellars, where the temperature is around 1°C. Even here, the brewer's yeasts are still “working”. The maturing beer rests in the cellars between 20 to 100 days, depending on how strong beer was brewed. The stronger the beer, the longer the maturation period. While it’s lying, the beer clears up – gaining its character – and is naturally saturated with carbon dioxide. The final step is just filtering and tapping it.

The classic manufacture process, and strict adherence to it, is an invariable rule for us. The result of our efforts is a delicious tasting beer with a balanced bitterness, golden colour and proper natural bite. The beer produced using the classic Czech process properly brings together all the two thousand componentss it contains. In beer of this kind, important substances for the consumer are retained, and this beer has a positive effect on the human body.