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Litovel Červený Pomeranč

Mixed alcoholic beverage from draft beer with a blood orange flavour.

Litovel Červený Pomeranč
Beer type Mixed flavoured beverage made from draft beer
Fermentation Bottom
Alcohol 2 % ABV
Appearance and fragrance It has a refreshing aroma, and a tropical citrus fruit flavour.
Flavour Fine beer bitterness with a flavour of blood orange, pleasant bite and the fullness of classically brewed Litovel beers.
Bottle 20 x 0,5 l
Can 24 x 0,5 l
KEG 50 L
KEG 30 L
KEG 15 L

We recommend serving it in a beer glass.

151 kJ 36 kcal

Energy value (100 ml)